Left Handed World

public - created 09/20/03
Well, ok it is most certainly -not- a left handed world, but it's a nice thought! Left handers unite in this Tribe all about us. Hey, at least we have Ned Flanders on our side. :) RSS Feed what is XML?

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Officially reopening the "LEFT HANDED AQUARIUS ...  topic
Left Handed Aquarius  topic
Leftie slowly giving it up...  topic
August 13th is...  topic
Drawing and writing  topic
Money, that's what I want --- useless tidbits ;)  topic
The warrior and his shield  topic
Famous Leftys  topic
Rhythm and pitch  topic
Lefty Leos!!  topic
Really bummed...  topic
Guitar for lefties  topic
Lefty Babies  topic
ever try?...  topic
Do you 'look' for other lefties?  topic
New here, Hello!  topic
new leftie  topic
Can Openers?  topic
Sawing my way to victory  topic
Scissors?  topic
Miscellaneous left-handers  topic
What the heck...musicians and artists too...  topic
Gas tank position  topic
It's made for us!  topic
Left handers day tomorrow!!!  topic

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